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Build Your Home workspace

Developing a Positive Business Image

The majority of home business owners do not have the benefit of detailed office or elegant storefronts WOW prospects and impress customers. Instead, they must rely on imagination, creativity, and attention to the smallest detail when creating and maintaining professional business image.Yes, there are disadvantages to operating a business from home in terms of projecting a positive and professional business image, but the disadvantages can be overcome easily and frequently changing a competitive advantage. In most circumstances, your start-up costs are lower compared to a similar business that operates out of a commercial office or storefront. Therefore, you can spend more projects your image. This means putting more money on brochures, promotional materials, public relations, customer service, and advertising campaigns descriptive. Because you do not go back and forth, you have extra time and money to prospect, develop strong relationships with customers and develop business and marketing plans. Overhead you are most likely a fraction of what competitors are paying to maintain a commercial office space or storefront, so you can devote some of the money you save on more productive activities to attract new clients - advertising, product demonstrations, and trade show marketing. You also might want to set aside some of the money saved to incorporate or form a limited liability company from scratch.

Logo and Slogan

Logo and slogan can help brand your business and build consumer awareness of your business, product, or service in a way that is simple and easy to remember. Good slogans used effectively to communicate the message shorter attention spans. Logo provides visual images that could serve as a trail for business. Visual images are powerful tools that people remember. They can also be barriers.Of beyond language, the key here is constantly changing. Once you have decided on the design of the logo and slogan promotional or descriptive, you should always include them in every aspect of your business. Branding takes time. The more often consumers are exposed to your brand, the more they remember, which gives recognition.Business brand logo and slogans promotion plays a major role in branding, logo mainly because we knew they were soon as we saw them. See "watered" and immediately think of Nike. Did you see the golden arches of McDonald and immediately came to mind. You hear or read "as good neighbors" and think State Farm Insurance. This is what the logo and slogan do: they act as a beacon in the fog swirl direct competition to attract consumers brands they know, i, and a very direct trust.Slogans to develop. Just think of the greatest benefits people receive from doing business with you. Develop a slogan about the benefits. Then, continue editing until you have some powerful words that perfectly sum up the benefits that you are big and easy to remember. No, it's not always easy. If not, the agency is not making millions of dollars coming up with slogans. You also need a slogan that is not used by others company.Logos can also be misleading to make unless you have design experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of logo and design services business image will be more than happy to help you create a professional logo for your business - null logo and develop brand awareness. Logo Design starting at around $ 50 and can be as high as several hundred dollars, depending on your needs. Make sure that your logo is not used by other businesses. Can you copyright and trademark your slogan logo after you are satisfied with what you created.Listed down some online logo design service to get you on your way to creating a strong business image with instant brand identity: Logo Logo DesignLogoBeeThe CompanyOnlineLogo. come-Logo Print Design Identity Package

You printed on the package identification consists of printed elements you use every day in your business - business cards, stationery, receipts, envelopes, forms estimates, presentation folders, marketing brochures, catalogs, leaflets simple, and account statements. Print quality is worth the extra cost, especially for home business owners. Although high-quality print on heavy paper stock may be more expensive than a standard print jobs, it is still relatively inexpensive when compared with other overhead costs, such as office rent, home business owners are not required to pay. Therefore, you can spend a little extra on these items project a very positive business image.The parity key to the identity of the package printed in the package, such as the entire marketing program. Want to build a common color scheme, logo, slogan, and type of font, and use on a regular basis so that customers and prospects a visual relationship to the program of your business identity. Use colors and designs appropriate for your business and your clients. For example, you can use bright colors and designs are younger if you are selling children's toys than you do as a law consultant.Consult your local telephone directory for a printer near you or ask other business owners for recommendations. Remember to get three quotes for all your printing needs. Do not decide on price alone. Instead, your buying decision based on quality, value, reputation, and turnaround time. You can also visit the website PrintUSA sa to get a free online quote in print for hundreds of business products, from Mouse Pad with business cards and everything between.Website

If you deal with e-commerce or not, your business needs a web presence. In other words, you need website.The type and complexity of the site will depend on the type of business running and your budget. If, for example, you run a local tutoring service, you may only need a very simple web page that provides basic information. In this case, you may be able to design a site that you can do yourself with a web design program or Yahoo or another search engine. However, if you intend to participate in the business through your website, the design must be professional. Want to sell merchandise, featuring content that is of interest and / or inform visitors, and to promote your business and whatever you selling.Your online presence is an important aspect of your overall business and marketing strategy and the need to treat it as such. Once again, the parity is one of the keys to success. Do you want your business offline and online business uniform and precise image. This is not to say that you or someone you know can not design and build your website. However, for more complex websites, shopping cart or other functions such as, you have to bring in a professional web designer.Whatever you decide, take the time to plan carefully if you want a site to see, how you want to work, and how you hope to achieve your business and marketing goals. In Chapter 17, "Internet and E-Commerce," you will find more information, resources, and tips on building, hosting and maintaining a website and use it to market your business and your products and / or services.Communications

Communication systems and devices can play a major role in projecting a positive and professional image of the business. You can use your business communications project bigger and to reach more prospects, especially when you consider the following simple communication tips that every home business can use: I put up a dedicated phone line to promote a business and as with all marketing activities and business correspondence and Buying take your phone to valuable clients can remain constant communication with you and the opposite. Access of the poor has always been one of the biggest complaints with survey.Provide customer service every customer with a toll-free selection by calling for inquiries and product orders. This option makes your business look bigger, especially when the toll-free number is featured on all returns advertising.Always your phone messages and e-mails the same day whenever possible, especially in your best customers and prospects hottest. Do not wait longer than 48 hours.If you run a service business, using an answering service to take after-hours calls. You can also use the voice mail system, because people are now more comfortable leaving a message. An answering machine, as they will serve the purpose, does not project the image of the same business. However, for a part-time business or business to run primary by e-mail, answering machine with your business message (not recorded by your children) are usually long sufficient.Record promotional on-hold messages that display special offers or information about products or services new so you can take advantage of the time that each prospect or customer on hold. Be careful not to overdo it or you turn customer images off.Powerful Mail Business Building

People receive a lot of letters, especially businessmen and professionals. If you want the letter to draw attention to your business and achieve your goals, you need to get to the point quickly and have message.Start clear and easy to understand by letting your readers know immediately what her. What did he gain by continuing to read your mail? Write in short paragraphs, using subheadings for each new section to ensure that the skimmer to get the message and stay focused and interested. Perhaps most importantly, writing from the point of view of the reader. Hope questions, concerns and objections the reader might be and try to answer them. Here are some more tips for writing a strong business: Writing the first draft, wait a day, and then check. Often times you will see the points you want to expand - or delete.Include call to action: for example, "Call me" or "Visit my website" or "Stop by our booth trade show" Avoid technical words or explanations .. Use basic, easy to understand language. Do not make your readers work or think too hard to understand and correct the mistakes you points.Edit least twice before sending.At under all written communications, including postscript (PS), which restates the main theme of your message and a great benefit to the reader if he takes communication.E-action and respond to e-mails MailsThe crazy world, with employees sending e-mail to co work 50 feet away and the family send an e-mail from room to room in the same house. Although this is not always the best method of communication, because they consist of words without tone or expression, and movement, e-mail is a powerful way to communicate business messages quickly and inexpensively.Word All e-mail clients and customers with a heart care, as if they were a business letter, and take the time to correct mistakes and typos. Here are some other tips for business e-mail: Do not send e-mails that are not required to prospective customers. Make sure you have permission to use their e-mail address before sending.Use your business name in the From line so that people become familiar with your company and see not only the use of name.Don acronyms, like LOL (laughing out loud) and other lingo. Don 'use all caps. It is considered the same as shouting.Keep your message short, professional and to the point. Are ramble.If e-mail response to queries, questions or complaints, post first sent the situation and respond appropriately. Resist the urge to sell until after you meet t 'issue.Don continue the endless thread. Start an e-mail or, if you return an e-mail, delete older texts that are no longer needed. Change the subject line to make it applicable to communication.If currently have a spam filter, check your spam inbox time to time to ensure that you no longer had been directed there. Then remove all the unwanted spam that you receive.E-mail is a very common means of communication today. However, there are some things that have a phone call or meeting in person. Try to be judged accordingly, based on the nature and importance of the message communicated.Dress for Success and UniformsYou may hate them, but stereotypes sell. Resist the urge to stand out or make a statement in terms of how you dress for work. Let the fashion trend with Hollywood types. Communities generally have expectations about how entrepreneurs and professionals to get dressed. We expect doctors in white lab coats, shirts mechanics, bankers and business attire. Stands to reason that if you want to make a sale, do not let your choice of fashion business constraints. Dress for success by wearing what the majority of your customers expect you to wear. If their expectations coat, wearing a suit. If this is smart casual, smart casual attire. If it is uniform, wearing Competition uniform.Enter

Winning the business, products, and customer service awards is a wonderful way to gain credibility, attract new business, and build a good business image and reputation. It is very important for service providers, who often build entire sales and marketing campaign around trust, reliability, credibility, and reputation. Almost every community, city and state has some kind annual business competition are classified by type, sector, or industry. Often business excellence awards and competitions are supported and managed by local business groups like the Chamber of Commerce, the economic committee of the local government, or even the local newspaper, radio, and television stations. Many industry associations hold annual Best Business awards ceremony. It is more worthwhile to take the time to post your business.Check business community, local newspapers, and industry associations for competitions and awards as appropriate for your business. Learn the details of each and then apply or designated for the benefit of you and offer the best opportunity to benefit your business. Publicity and free advertising that can generate priceless win, and marketing opportunities associated with being the best limitless.Custom PostcardsAnother great way to project a positive image of business specially designed postcards will be decorated with your company name, logo and promotional message. They do not just scream professionalism, but they are also a great way to keep interacting with current customers and new prospects. In large quantities, can be custom-printed postcards designed and printed for less than 10 cents each, they are cheaper than sending a run-of-the-mill ordinary sales letter. Use postcards to promote new products or services or to let customers know that you are thinking them.ResourcesAssociationsAmerican Home Business Association

965 East 4800, Suite 3C

Salt Lake City, UT 84117

(866) 396-7773 National Association of Professional Organizers

15000 Commerce Parkway, Suite C

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

(856) 380-6828 National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

8405 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800

McLean, VA 22102

(800) 55-NAWBO (556-2926) Small Office Home Office Business Group (Soho)

1680 Lloyd Avenue, Suite 1

North Vancouver, BC V7P 2N6

(604) 929-8250 or (800) 290-Soho (7646) Suggested Reading

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How does it stack up Bull Market

The bull market in U.S. only four years sailing through signing on March 9 and the Dow Jones industrial average reached a record high of 14,397 before the day . Rally 500 stock index Standard & Poor's is the eighth-longest (1460 days of March 8) in history, according to financial research shop custom Investment Group, and the six strongest.

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Trend Watch for Warning from selling

March 20 (Bloomberg) - In today's "Chart Attack" GAMCO Investors CIO for Growth Equity Bloomberg Howard Ward and Adam Johnson saw a potential market selloff. They speak on Bloomberg Television (Source: Bloomberg) "Street Smart."

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Verizon data Drying Name and battery-murder Apps

Verizon Wireless to shut down its own app store, but it was not wiping his hands of the app curation. Carrier testing begins, rating, and recommend Android and iPhone applications for companies customers.What exciting about this approach is not Verizon make recommendations based on how entertaining, useful, or fun particular application. Instead, a team of engineers Verizon is looking for every application have an impact on the battery life of the phone's data plan flows to customers, and how to play loose with safety and customer privacy.Basically, Verizon is preparing a series of regularly updated list of recommendations. The first is a list of 20 applications available for Android or iOS that Verizon claims will deliver "best in class" experience on smartphones and tablets. As you might expect, Verizon is not entirely objective in his choice, but it was never claimed. One of the software application itself even Verizon AppLuvr, recommend other apps based on what is installed on the second list to apply the method more visible smartphones.The, rating the top 25 free and top 25 paid apps in Google (GOOG) Play based on three criteria: safety, battery consumption , and the use of data. The third set of reviews is basically Verizon's naughty list: 13 apps, all of the games that will drain your battery or your data plan on eating fast clip.Verizon not make friends here including for storing game development. Very popular game, Fruit Ninja Halfbrick as Free and Drawing May OMGPOP, I got a bad grade because they drain the battery. Other applications, such as Facebook (FB) Messenger and eBay (eBay), but scored high convicted consumption.That high data might come as a surprise to many users, such as Facebook and eBay does not appear to consume a lot of data, especially compared to streaming applications multimedia such as Pandora (P) and Netflix (NFLX), which received the highest rating possible for Verizon. But what Verizon is likely to highlight here is the existence of two application connections. While Facebook may consume only a fraction of data at a time, say, a video stream Netflix requires, social networking apps are always running in the background sends a constant stream of traffic and network signal in your data look far plan.Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) new have analyzed the impact of Facebook on mobile networks with traffic signals. On 15 November, the social networking giant is updated with iOS and Android apps, precipitating 60 percent increase signal loads up to the mobile network, regardless of the number of new mobile users Facebook only increased 4 percent in the same time frame. Alcatel-Lucent now estimates that Facebook is responsible for more than 15 percent of all mobile traffic signals and accounted for more than 20 percent of all air network time.Carriers old developer pleaded to keep in mind the constraints of mobile networks and build better applications. That may be Verizon upping pressure ratings, punish the developers do not need to continue to develop software.As rambling you might expect, both Facebook and Facebook Messenger main Verizon application to list of "must have apps" (though eBay did). Verizon, however, the name of more efficient network Facebook photo sharing app Instagram into the top 20. I suspect the Facebook matter good time way.Any carrier making a list of must-have, you should take it with a grain of salt, but I would give Verizon credit: Tango actual recommended, over-the-top voice, video, and messaging applications that compete directly with Verizon basic voice and SMS services.Also from GigaOM: Proximity-Based Mobile Social Networking: Outlook and Analysis (subscription required) How to Repair Battery Electric Car Design will revolutionize Hold Off iPhone 4S Updating you on iOS 6.1, Carrier Europe WarnCan Copyright Conservative Divide deadlock ? The Man Behind the Docs Google Is Now Trying to reinvent the Web App Box

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The answer to the question: Wacky Job Interview Questions

Career experts tend Wax philosophical about what business students need to do to win over the interviewer. There is rarely ever turn the tables and focus on the outrageousness of that hire to make the decision now. Glassdoor, an online community for job hunting and recruiting, explore thousands of questions shared by job candidates last year to come up with a "Top 25 Interview Questions oddball," which was released in Monday.Ranging somewhat expected ("How will you rate your memory" ;) for really funny ("-a penguin walking through the door wearing a hat today. What'd he say and why is he here?") The entire list is worth checking out, for a giggle if no one. However, if one of the supervisors, asking such a question, maybe someone else can do the same. So how do you respond? Here, MBA administrators and students try their hand: No.. 5: What song best describes your work ethic Asked:? Interviews for the position of consumer sales at Dell (DELL) Question: Brad Aspel, director of career education and counseling MBA Career Management Center Columbia Business School, asked a group of students how they would answer the question "The Marine Corps song, I liked it, I love it (Tim McGraw) Girl on Fire (Alicia Keys), and harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Kanye West), which is the most popular among the students' answers I gave. Trick is to think fast time but realized the company would like to see your creativity and even a sense of fun. So, even if you answer difficult, Better, Faster, Stronger, there must be a sense of fun to the way you respond, so do not come from trying too hard to push the point that you are very committed to not never stop working until everything is perfect. They want to know you will find an interesting person to have around, and just by asking this question is a feeling of creativity and fun with their culture of No ". 14: My husband and I were on vacation, where would you recommend asked:? Interviews for the position of associate advisor PricewaterhouseCoopersAnswered: Stephanie Dozier, MBA Class of 2013, Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management "I would recommend a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is a beautiful, tropical, and there are a number of different activities that draw you and your spouse. You can have a romantic dinner at the restaurant where the pina colada was invented, touring the historic city walls and fortresses, go shopping in Old San Juan, Bacardi factory tour, or, for something more adventurous, You can take a tour of the rainforest and go zip-layer. A number of different activities all available in a relatively small area to make sure that both of you are a Question enjoyable and memorable holiday ': Shannon Lindgren, Owen MBA Class of 2013 " :. New Orleans due to the more exotic countries. Will provide architecture, food, music, and draw all individually, but together they make this city a fascinating destination for people of all ages and interests. Bonus: supporting the economy still recovering from Katrina and Deepwater Horizon disaster "Not. 16: Estimate how many windows York.Asked New: Interviews for the position of associate consultant at Bain & Co.Answered:Taylor Burroughs, MBA Class of 2013, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business' To estimate the number of windows in New York, First I'll explain it relates to Manhattan, Manhattan and the surrounding districts, or across the country. Suppose that we are dealing exclusively in Manhattan, I remember the size of the island is about 200 blocks north-south by 10 east-west road. This is way longer than the block, the ratio will be 4:01. With 200 blocks with 10 road, which gives us 2000 square block. Among the skyscrapers and walk-up, perhaps, the average height of a 10 story building "I would estimate that more than 25 windows on each floor of each block north-south and so is the 100 windows on the east-west road .. The total perimeter of the window so that 250 windows per floor per block. Considering the average height of 10 stories, how to calculate the 2500 windows in each block. Multiply has 2000 square blocks we gave our 5 million window. We need to reduce in Central Park (which looks pretty pretty big when I try to run around it). Sale of 500,000 window seem fair considering the size of the park with relevance across the island. So my final estimated 4.5 million "Follow Forum discussions with Bloomberg Businessweek Business School, visit us on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @ BWbschools ...

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U.S. Tops Thailand in preterm delivery

In the United States, commonly known as a "miracle" that babies, children born several weeks, even months, before the due date to enter the world. With modern medicine, the assumption is that most newborns will survive and thrive if they are lucky enough to receive expensive neonatal care. But the appearance of a vast global study released on May 2 as far as destroying a problem with the 15 million babies are born prematurely each year worldwide, causing 1.1 million deaths and a low cost solution that can prevent ambitious report, led by the March of Dimes ,. Save the Children, and World Health Organization-backed Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child, the first time comparative national rate of preterm birth in 184 countries. Ranking the U.S. is not satisfied as well, falling between Thailand and Timor-Leste with a preterm birth rate of 12 per 100 live births. That puts the U.S. in 54th place, with 130 countries faring well. Like so much else in the U.S., there are racial differences: The rate for black Americans is about 17.5 percent, while white Americans have a 10.9 percent chance of premature birth. (Not surprisingly, there is an age gap, too, with the mother more than 40 years and under 17 are most at risk of having a premature baby.) But the real value of the report may lie more in the description of the problem rather than the analysis of possible solutions. While premature infants may evoke images incubators and intensive care in the U.S., the authors suggest that about three-quarters of deaths worldwide could be avoided with a few simple steps. They include the basics such as heat, breastfeeding support, simple treatment of infections, and frequent skin-to-skin contact with the mother, otherwise known as steroid injections for mothers with premature "kangaroo care." Make, an intervention that costs about $ 1, you can save about 400,000 lives per year. (Steroids promote the development of the lungs.) These factors help explain why more than 90 percent of babies born before 28 weeks in developing countries die, while 10 percent of those born in do.That developed countries does not mean that there are difficult ethical questions around what happens when some premature babies do survive. The press conference May 2 show some Connecticut where my daughter was born at 29 weeks. Kendall has undergone 10 brain operations in the first two years of life, but her family has racked up more than $ 1.2 million in health care costs. While Adam Pallone said his daughter "who lit up a room with her smile," he does not hide pain note that cerebral palsy and other health problems meant he would "probably require lifelong care." Treatment like this is much more than parents in many poor countries, the rich countries, the cost has prompted debate about the limits of medical intervention report. not delve into issues such as ethics, although it will put the social cost of premature births in the U.S. alone reached more than $ 26200000000 per year. It is also noted that the increased rate of preterm birth more symptoms of modern health care as a result of lack. Increased levels of in vitro fertilization, which raised the possibility of multiple births, including the increase in older mothers and the delivery time scheduled all play a role in increasing the likelihood that the baby will not achieve full term.The biggest focus, of course, tries to help her achieve a full-term pregnancy . That ultimately fall further education in family planning, nutrition, and more programs that address diabetes risk factors of smoking. As a primary care not only reduce the rate of preterm birth, increasing the likelihood that children will survive and thrive in order to help build their communities. It is a powerful call to action that policy makers will prospect of taking the time to listen carefully.