Thursday, March 6, 2014

Effective Organizational Culture - Finding Your Pain Money Shot

As a change agent, teacher culture, or plain old mill run everyday players would be better, it is important you know how to assess pain quickly, so you know what today's organizations termination. It is pretty simple if you've just broken your arm ... Even the silly holiday diagnose clearly. Broken hair ... a little more difficult. Make no mistake: a study of patients with blood flowing easiest screaming on the floor and crying family uncontrollably.In world of work, it is the employees who have recently lost their jobs ... or my wife got a pink slip. Life is not easy or simple when you are committed to helping people, but a simple example you can compare personal health with cultural health.These will shoot themselves money. Resemblance breath as if your life depended on it.รข simple cold ... and a cocky know customerDid colds can be caused by over 200 viruses? Diagnose cold "not rocket science" ... and because it is a virus, it has it's own life cycle ... You can only alleviate the symptoms. In the world of work, an employee in customers may fail rude or insensitive person accounting. Relax, take a breath, it will go away, but troublesome symptoms and employeeDid evident.Arthritis know, there are more than 100 types of arthritis? According to Web MD, Common arthritis symptoms of inflammation, pain and stiffness are usually caused by degenerative arthritis. Disease, chronic, recurrent, energy baby but usually not life threatening. 

A comparable cultural gap may be harmful or supervisory inspector, or corporate suit ... runs out of energy, which leads to pain during the process ... but the end is not visible, the patient was taking more pain killers to reduce fraud and disrespectCancer inflammation.Cancer and culture caused by the abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. Cancer symptoms vary based type.Did know pancreatic cancer almost make 10 most common cancers, but the tendency to spread quietly making diagnosis fourth most deadly cancer. Fraud culture of silence and respect cultural cancer that attacks the peaceful spirit of the individual, where trust is lost ... and remote recovery. That is why the disease is often silent deadly.Every most talented leaders know that the most difficult time to regain the trust of employees when they have to suffer in silence ... not as a victim ... But like people underestimate the cultural attack, dishonest and disrespectful. Clueless leaders to create a culture of ... surprised and honestly to claim innocence. As if they were stupid drivers get the State Police for negligent driving and leaving the scene ... Then he ran and mutilated 10-year-old boy riding a bicycle from the first day in stuff.But serious school.This can do ... You can start by searching for the pain. Your ability to feel intuitive and analytic search for your money shot.Here 's how you move forward. It has a lot of shoe leather leadership. 

You have to confront the employee. If confidence is weak, vulnerable and admit mistakes companies. Above all be honest ... and deserve more trust.Try these tips. · Ask the employee ... which company you think is wrong? When do you think it started? Where the wound? · What is the cost to employees and customers? Wait for the actual cost in dollars ... Remember, most leaders respond to dollars and cents. · Then, you become vulnerable to the employee. To reveal how you think the company messed up ... how culture is not what you want. Please ..... You have to show your own weaknesses ... New employees should be trusted. · Maybe the time is right ... Trust Your Senses, you need to understand the level of personal pain for employees. Remember, a company with 1,000 employees is still a thousand people.

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