Sunday, December 8, 2013

National Park Service Job: adventurous and challenging

National Park Service jobs can be fun, adventurous and rewarding, but also very challenging. Most jobs require a background investigation, a physical examination, valid driver's license, relevant work experience and appropriate education. You may have to work weekends and holidays, tours, and worked a few changes. Some positions have time off (paid vacation time). The most prominent position described below.

Park Ranger (Protection) Average Pay: $ 31,000 to $ 63,000 annuallyA Park Ranger is an exciting yet challenging job. It's like being a law enforcement officer but the National Park setting. The focus of work protecting park resources and visitors, dealing with offenders, answering visitor questions, and provide emergency services. This is really a physical activity outdoors. Required: Level I or Level II NPS Law Enforcement Commission, a medical and physical tests Efficiency Battery. First responder certification can also required.Park Ranger (Interpretation) or Parks GuideAverage Pay: $ 31,000 to $ 40,000 annuallyThese is the most advertised type of work in the two national parks. Their focus is to educate visitors, answer their questions, and make presentations to the orientation of the park, security, history, cultural preservation, recreation, events and policies. Duties may also include: the cost of collecting, back-country patrols, emergency response, and perform various administrative tasks such as answering phones, e-mails and letters in an office setting. 

The required work experience or educational background includes: a tour guide or museum ago, environmental educators, and other similar positions.Budget and Finance AnalystAverage Pay: $ 52,000 $ 106,000 annuallyThis work focuses on the development of the annual budget estimates prepared and Parks funding. This work may involve the use of computer software to organize and manage the park complex financial data. The necessary experience or educational background includes: business accounting, finance, statistics, and economics.LaborerAverage Pay: $ 13 to $ 16 / Per HourThis job involves heavy physical labor and can involve frequent traveling and hiking. Activities include: development and maintenance of roads, fences, roads, the environment, under the supervision of an employee of higher grade. Other duties may include: mowing, shoveling, raking, carpentry, plumbing, and cleaning. 

You may be asked for a backpack for weeks at a time in remote areas. Previous experience required: construction, paving, welding, and machine knowledge and tools.Maintenance WorkerAverage Pay: $ 17 to $ 31 / Per HourThis is skilled labor positions. Varied activities, for example, they may include: repair of buildings, utilities, roads, road, and environment. Skills required include: plumbing, carpentry, painting, electrical, masonry, and operating heavy machinery. Qualifications: Relevant work experience in a similar ManagerAverage fields.Park Pay: $ 114,000 to $ 148,000 annuallyThis is the highest paid and also the most difficult job of all jobs in the National Park Service. You will have the personnel and employees need to direct all matters relating to the management and operation of the park. Management area include: administrative support, funding, equipment, conservation parks, interpretation, visitor services and protection. A similar experience is required, such as managing the park, or at the forefront of cultural resources, recreation, educational outreach, or interpretation.

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