Sunday, December 1, 2013

3 Because the belief is flawed Policy and Performance dysfunctional Light

Just this month the Department of Education provides eight additional states waivers for 'No Child Left Behind "law (NCLB) was passed in 2001. So far, 18 states have received waivers. The waivers allow states to continue to work to improve learning with no penalty for non-compliance with performance standards. All countries that received waivers lose their performance goals as defined by the NCLB Act. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, recently said he expects up to 80% of our nation's public schools losing their NCLB goals by next year.The NCLB is the restoration of Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 initiated by President Johnson as part of the "war on poverty" policy. We confirm that we have had 47 years of standards-based education reform, and failed in 80% of CT Governor time.

Recently doubled over standards-based education reform in his own version of this type law. He even added extra bells and whistles to include mandatory performance evaluations for teachers. It will also collapse like previous versions have failed for nearly 47 years.It 's after we moved from the standards-based education. It is time we move to a system that enables students to develop their passion freely with teachers and facilitators of learning rather than "shovel" the facts in the brains of our children for the purpose of memorization and test scores. We have to stop the extrusion each child to follow the same curriculum at the same time by the same amount. It's cheap and dysfunctional. Is not 47 years enough time failures? No Child Left Behind should be replaced failure.What 80% took the officers to continue to embrace policies that adversely impact the performance of dysfunctional? This belief led to their inability to make the same mistakes over and over again at our expense and at the expense of our children future.I send three are believed to cause our leaders to continue to embrace the failed policies. Confidence is hard to change, but I think it's time we tried it for questioning its effectiveness. I ask you to examine your own beliefs and I hope you will be willing to be open to change. 

Without this re-examination we can all continue to dysfunction.People we have to be responsible for measurable goalsLeaders think people should be responsible for measurable objectives to believe people really lazy by nature characteristics. Performance goals do not create success. The process of creating an effective and efficient performance. The reason why the performance standards are not met in our school is not for lack of effort or laziness. That is due to flawed policies and processes. Processes and policies based on the false belief naturally Guests who are lazy. Confidence makes rules that impair the natural motivation and persuasion realize reality.Managers should check the employee (teacher) The evaluation and improvement of portions of the system will not improve the system performance. It is the quality of the interactions between components to improve the overall performance of the new car system.I rent too expensive just for fun. Rain began to fall. I searched and could not find water control for a good minute. I almost had to pull to the side of the road to find the control. Although the controls work well, and obviously a very high quality, the interaction between them and me (the driver) is more important for the safety and functionality of the car is not unit.Having quality talented individuals in the organization are not sufficient to predict the performance. 

Talent means little if the poor quality of the interactions between individuals. Evaluating individuals are also much more important, if not irrelevant, to the overall functionality of the system. Interaction Quality is much more to contribute to the overall performance than talented individuals. It's always a team effort and the team members have to pay to be motivatedMoney not interdependent.People performance motivator. The best way is to pay people enough money so they forget about the salary and focus on improving processes and their interactions. This technique is the only way to generate predictable profitability and customer loyalty.Beliefs difficult to change, but I think it's time we tried it for questioning its effectiveness. Belief defects that cause leaders to make a disability decision. This decision will take the form of disability policies or procedures that will eventually fail. I ask you to examine the three convictions. Do you accept it? If so, please take just a little more research. There is plenty of evidence that trust is broken causing unintended consequences and poor performance. Contact me if you want to know where to find the research.

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