Thursday, April 18, 2013

Verizon data Drying Name and battery-murder Apps

Verizon Wireless to shut down its own app store, but it was not wiping his hands of the app curation. Carrier testing begins, rating, and recommend Android and iPhone applications for companies customers.What exciting about this approach is not Verizon make recommendations based on how entertaining, useful, or fun particular application. Instead, a team of engineers Verizon is looking for every application have an impact on the battery life of the phone's data plan flows to customers, and how to play loose with safety and customer privacy.Basically, Verizon is preparing a series of regularly updated list of recommendations. The first is a list of 20 applications available for Android or iOS that Verizon claims will deliver "best in class" experience on smartphones and tablets. As you might expect, Verizon is not entirely objective in his choice, but it was never claimed. One of the software application itself even Verizon AppLuvr, recommend other apps based on what is installed on the second list to apply the method more visible smartphones.The, rating the top 25 free and top 25 paid apps in Google (GOOG) Play based on three criteria: safety, battery consumption , and the use of data. The third set of reviews is basically Verizon's naughty list: 13 apps, all of the games that will drain your battery or your data plan on eating fast clip.Verizon not make friends here including for storing game development. Very popular game, Fruit Ninja Halfbrick as Free and Drawing May OMGPOP, I got a bad grade because they drain the battery. Other applications, such as Facebook (FB) Messenger and eBay (eBay), but scored high convicted consumption.That high data might come as a surprise to many users, such as Facebook and eBay does not appear to consume a lot of data, especially compared to streaming applications multimedia such as Pandora (P) and Netflix (NFLX), which received the highest rating possible for Verizon. But what Verizon is likely to highlight here is the existence of two application connections. While Facebook may consume only a fraction of data at a time, say, a video stream Netflix requires, social networking apps are always running in the background sends a constant stream of traffic and network signal in your data look far plan.Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) new have analyzed the impact of Facebook on mobile networks with traffic signals. On 15 November, the social networking giant is updated with iOS and Android apps, precipitating 60 percent increase signal loads up to the mobile network, regardless of the number of new mobile users Facebook only increased 4 percent in the same time frame. Alcatel-Lucent now estimates that Facebook is responsible for more than 15 percent of all mobile traffic signals and accounted for more than 20 percent of all air network time.Carriers old developer pleaded to keep in mind the constraints of mobile networks and build better applications. That may be Verizon upping pressure ratings, punish the developers do not need to continue to develop software.As rambling you might expect, both Facebook and Facebook Messenger main Verizon application to list of "must have apps" (though eBay did). Verizon, however, the name of more efficient network Facebook photo sharing app Instagram into the top 20. I suspect the Facebook matter good time way.Any carrier making a list of must-have, you should take it with a grain of salt, but I would give Verizon credit: Tango actual recommended, over-the-top voice, video, and messaging applications that compete directly with Verizon basic voice and SMS services.Also from GigaOM: Proximity-Based Mobile Social Networking: Outlook and Analysis (subscription required) How to Repair Battery Electric Car Design will revolutionize Hold Off iPhone 4S Updating you on iOS 6.1, Carrier Europe WarnCan Copyright Conservative Divide deadlock ? The Man Behind the Docs Google Is Now Trying to reinvent the Web App Box

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