Sunday, April 14, 2013

The answer to the question: Wacky Job Interview Questions

Career experts tend Wax philosophical about what business students need to do to win over the interviewer. There is rarely ever turn the tables and focus on the outrageousness of that hire to make the decision now. Glassdoor, an online community for job hunting and recruiting, explore thousands of questions shared by job candidates last year to come up with a "Top 25 Interview Questions oddball," which was released in Monday.Ranging somewhat expected ("How will you rate your memory" ;) for really funny ("-a penguin walking through the door wearing a hat today. What'd he say and why is he here?") The entire list is worth checking out, for a giggle if no one. However, if one of the supervisors, asking such a question, maybe someone else can do the same. So how do you respond? Here, MBA administrators and students try their hand: No.. 5: What song best describes your work ethic Asked:? Interviews for the position of consumer sales at Dell (DELL) Question: Brad Aspel, director of career education and counseling MBA Career Management Center Columbia Business School, asked a group of students how they would answer the question "The Marine Corps song, I liked it, I love it (Tim McGraw) Girl on Fire (Alicia Keys), and harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Kanye West), which is the most popular among the students' answers I gave. Trick is to think fast time but realized the company would like to see your creativity and even a sense of fun. So, even if you answer difficult, Better, Faster, Stronger, there must be a sense of fun to the way you respond, so do not come from trying too hard to push the point that you are very committed to not never stop working until everything is perfect. They want to know you will find an interesting person to have around, and just by asking this question is a feeling of creativity and fun with their culture of No ". 14: My husband and I were on vacation, where would you recommend asked:? Interviews for the position of associate advisor PricewaterhouseCoopersAnswered: Stephanie Dozier, MBA Class of 2013, Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management "I would recommend a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is a beautiful, tropical, and there are a number of different activities that draw you and your spouse. You can have a romantic dinner at the restaurant where the pina colada was invented, touring the historic city walls and fortresses, go shopping in Old San Juan, Bacardi factory tour, or, for something more adventurous, You can take a tour of the rainforest and go zip-layer. A number of different activities all available in a relatively small area to make sure that both of you are a Question enjoyable and memorable holiday ': Shannon Lindgren, Owen MBA Class of 2013 " :. New Orleans due to the more exotic countries. Will provide architecture, food, music, and draw all individually, but together they make this city a fascinating destination for people of all ages and interests. Bonus: supporting the economy still recovering from Katrina and Deepwater Horizon disaster "Not. 16: Estimate how many windows York.Asked New: Interviews for the position of associate consultant at Bain & Co.Answered:Taylor Burroughs, MBA Class of 2013, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business' To estimate the number of windows in New York, First I'll explain it relates to Manhattan, Manhattan and the surrounding districts, or across the country. Suppose that we are dealing exclusively in Manhattan, I remember the size of the island is about 200 blocks north-south by 10 east-west road. This is way longer than the block, the ratio will be 4:01. With 200 blocks with 10 road, which gives us 2000 square block. Among the skyscrapers and walk-up, perhaps, the average height of a 10 story building "I would estimate that more than 25 windows on each floor of each block north-south and so is the 100 windows on the east-west road .. The total perimeter of the window so that 250 windows per floor per block. Considering the average height of 10 stories, how to calculate the 2500 windows in each block. Multiply has 2000 square blocks we gave our 5 million window. We need to reduce in Central Park (which looks pretty pretty big when I try to run around it). Sale of 500,000 window seem fair considering the size of the park with relevance across the island. So my final estimated 4.5 million "Follow Forum discussions with Bloomberg Businessweek Business School, visit us on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @ BWbschools ...

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