Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yuill family home once again develop the site for the award

TWO Yuill house staff members were recognized for their outstanding skills in managing the site after winning the National Council House Building pride in the Job Quality Award (NHBC) again. Project manager and site manager Neal Hutcheon Steve Cook again proved that they are the best in the business by winning NHBC Quality Award aims to find the best-run English building site. This is the fifth year in a row Hutcheon has NHBC Quality Award, celebrating Cook received the award for the third year running. Hutcheon, who works for Home Yuill for more than 20 years, said: "It was an amazing feeling to win this award for the fifth year running. An award that recognizes excellence in national trade standards so I was really proud of what I achieved. "Credit must also go to the entire team at Home Yuill to produce good quality work day, the site today." Cook, who works at Home Yuill for nine years after starting his career in the youth training scheme for building and maintenance, said: "I am very proud to receive this award for the third year in a row. "To identify how this is not only a great personal success, but also a wonderful reflection of the excellent work put in by the entire team." Hutcheon won his NHBC Quality Award for his work in the development of High View the last 12 months Yuill house 'in Blaydon and Cook for his work at the University Gardens, Billingham. The pair will now go forward to the next stage of the competition in no time clinching the coveted Seal of Excellence award - that Neil has won twice previously - before advancing to the title Award Winner Regional North East. David Mullins, managing director at Yuill Homes, said: "I am absolutely delighted Neal and Steve once again been recognized for the excellent work that they and their team have consistently delivered on their development. "For those who win this award honored today for some years in a row is a feat that is really great and showed a consistent level of our offer as a business, in line with the ethos of our company is high quality and excellent customer service as seen in all of our employees. "We want both Neal and Steve good luck in the next stage of the competition." The duo was assessed in 38 areas of site management including leadership, work, staff welfare, health and safety and technical expertise, and tested on technical knowledge, quality control and keep the build process. Judged by a panel of independent experts during the 12-month period, the award is a seal of approval for consumers define, who can relax in the knowledge that the home is the purchase of housebuilding to meet exceptional standards.

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