Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Events efficiency of Sunderland Football Club

Sat pitch, Sunderland Football Club forge a growing reputation as one of the Barclays Premier League forces emerge. With Excellentiae Consectatio ethos which translates to 'the pursuit of excellence', SAFC is working - in each division - the best at what it does. And off the field, ethos instilled in every member of a strong team football clubs - including catering and hospitality division, which is the other force made a name for itself far beyond the city limits. In a beautiful place - Stadium of Light - Sunderland has a strong track record in delivering excellence in hospitality, whether it was a competition or not. Since moving from Roker Park the iconic home of nearly 15 years ago, the club can play on the power of modern equipment, developing a reputation for quality hospitality, restaurant, food service, and drinks they offer customers. At the Stadium of Light gain recognition on a national stage, nagki-respected official Enjoy England Awards for Excellence in the North of England as the best tourist commercial, now established as one of the shining lights for events and hospitality areas. Offering events and conference rooms that can accommodate up to 1,500 guests in reception style - and the team to provide a customized service expert, stadium choice time and time again for corporate events and private sectors in all sizes. And there is a lot of planning hospitality, event and management experience under its belt, now Sunderland puts skills to use away from home, the launch of a new subsidiary organization, providing catering and event management for clients of the site. Founded in early 2012, 1879 Events Management SAFC using the expertise of highly trained team to manage and provide off-site events. Delivering an exceptional standard of service for the same guests at the Stadium of Light to become accustomed, 1879 expanding expertise in the North East, supporting events throughout the region, if they do not or Tees Valley Tyneside. Gary Hutchinson, SAFC commercial director, said: "Sunderland Football Club has developed a world-class hospitality and event team, something that has helped us to put the city in the North East and indeed the UK hospitality map. "In-house hospitality academics us - to train our team to the highest standard - the largest of its kind in the UK, we place on service agreements and the importance of customer service. "Ethos Club kept only applies off the field here, and every aspect of our work, what we are looking for, and I believe they give you an edge.

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