Thursday, November 28, 2013

Client Relationships Are KEY Your Business Success

FALLDid miss you read about it in the news? Big company's 100-year-old go "belly-up" without warning. Is this big surprise? Possible No, but it makes good media coverage. Happens all time.Was a problem? Usually the mismanagement of the "army" and customer relations issues. Probably not. That's the price of merchandise? Indefinitely. Mostly, it is a "person" thing.Maybe again. Location Old? Poor inventory control? Bad management? All of the above? Who knows! In any case, the bottom line is that every business, large or small, challenged to survive and thrive in today's business climate. We all witnessed the death of BIG business and "Little" people walking from operations funds.It's challenging yet rewarding experience to be a businessman For those who make it to some degree success.KEY SUCCESS - "people" skills ... owners / entrepreneurs of small businesses realize the importance of relationships with clients / customers. Must be exceeded Customers expect to be # 1 in marketplace.

Often IN overlooked is the interaction of the company. Each Smart business owners consider his / her employees as the primary LINK (Connected) on his / her client out. Very important! Home and "kick" cat (just kidding!) But do not expect to get Go to ill treatment to deal with your employees. Good and loyal employees decent first level (kinder and gentler) bosses.BUSINESS LINKSReach your prospects. Press your customers. Convey and stay connected. Fax! Click the E-mail! Use snail-mail. Fed-Ups and everything else for your own marketplace.Put remain visible in customer / client boots. What he / she wants from you? NO! Besides .... What can you do for them. Most consumers have little or no concern about YOUR income or future.UNLESS think they make too much off business.

You they do not believe? I'm not saying they have no heart! Life not only revolve around our own WIIFM (what's in it for ME!) HABITSLean OWN the other foot. Who would buy from YOU? Why? Your Customers make his / her decision in the same way. Emotions! You should educate consumers. Do not assume they know a lot as you do about your product. Each product has a feature that TAPI important when it comes to drill counts.Remember benefits? This hole makes a difference. Nothing Unless we buy something that we believe it will solve our problem. Does it make me rich? Healthy? Build a better relationship? CONCLUSIONThink out of the box. Communicator is a winner. In the usual clearly reveal the benefits. Anyone who listened attentively to buy signal. 

Those who live in front of consumers. In humans, the phone, through your PC and get out Fax.Every "sharp" business executives, small or large company, knowing that "Taking care of" customers (inside and outside) is priority # 1. Nothing is more important to our future success and business growth.Lesson Learning: Success comes to those who understand the priority. Those who treat the staff friendly. Contact WIIFM. Servant / leaders Fit the role of a great executive. Get Connected. Use every tool you arsenal. Teach. Selling benefits.

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